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    The company held a special warning education rally
    Time:2017-8-28 17:20:08      Clicks:2942

    On the morning of July 10, the company in the second floor conference room held a special warning education for "talking politics, resetting the rules and making an example". The head of the company's deputy general manager, the auxiliary departments of the organs are mainly responsible for the comrades, and the party branch secretary of each unit attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, participants first study together the group company to carry out the "political, rules, and an example" warning education project kick-off spirit, the implementation of "political, heavy rules, for example" special warning education program and the vice governor of anhui three lok ma why half month five times are "public"?" And so on. Later, party secretary li zhenshui made arrangements for the special warning education.

    He called for the quick delivery of the implementation of the theme warning education spirit, and carefully grasped the overall requirements and main contents, and clarified the tasks of the three phases and nine aspects. Li Zhenshui pointed out that to compaction work responsibility, adhere to the above rate, emphasizing basic-level party branch, warning education activities to ensure that the project have made new achievements, fresh air in the wind is, the new face, new image to meet clerkstarts party held 19 big victory!

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