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Brand story

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The company's whole series of products have been awarded the national "certificate for the safety of coal mine products". Among the many brands, the "qingyu" brand of hydraulic support and "wan star" brand belt conveyor are the famous products of anhui province, with 18 patented technologies. In recent years, research and development of ZY11000/28/63 type of large mining height are broken hydraulic support, long distance, high speed, large capacity, high power and SGZ1000/1400 series belt conveyor super-heavy scraper conveyor, and other products have reached advanced domestic level.

For many years, anhui mine machine has been sticking to the strategy of science and technology. Successively with the Beijing MeiKe institute, shenyang institute, China mine, anshan strength, tianma technology, rapid, and a number of research institutes in company dati and high-tech enterprise strategic cooperative partnership. It has jointly developed new products such as underground portable rescue capsule, monorail crane, electro-hydraulic support hydraulic support, EBZ230 driving machine, etc. And independently developed the underground advance support device, equipment train and so on.

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